Make your own perfect

The Perfect Network

The Perfect Network is a group of people and businesses all joined together to help you Make your own perfect. We exist to make your life easier and help improve the areas you want improved in every way possible. Here you will find people who are excited to coach you through any life issue that presents itself, trained professionals that want to provide you with a greater well-being via acupuncture, massage and even therapy. We have staff armed and ready to plan your next event or help you design your (or even find) your dream home.

To get in touch with any of these professionals, just click their links in the list below.

Fat Tuesday, Inc.

Everything for your live music needs.

Live music coordination and management can be a challenge. Relax. Ricky Wise is happy to take the stress out of your life. He will do all the planning and provide any type of live music entertainment for your next event.

Bmore Vigorous Fitness Training

People know they need to exercise to stay happy and healthy, but most people don’t know where to turn. Whether you’re searching for moral support, motivation and accountability, or simply some exercise ideas, Bmore Vigorous is what you need. Working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, BVFT offers a little something for everyone.

Road Work Group (RGW)

Charm City-based special events marketing and consultation firm. We handle all of your special event’s needs. Whether it’s marketing, event logistics, social media, or talent booking. Always open and always available.

To join The Perfect Network, please reach out to us here.